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Recommended brokers

Robinhood If you join with us you will receive a free stock when you signup like Apple, Ford, Sprint, or even JcPennys!

Webull Commission Free trading, a little more advanced platform. Get a free stock when you signup and fund account!

Stockpile Get 5$ worth of free stock when you open an account with Stockpile through our investment club.


This workbook will get you to think about your actions and thoughts around money. Additionally, its going to help you implement goals towards saving and investing. interactive workbook- money resources, saving plan, credit repair.

Trading and investing in the stock market requires a financial education, you will be required to learn a new vocabulary. In this workbook you will learn the basics of the stock market and a simple investing strategy you can use to earn a income..



The financial freedom playbook, Is the complete wealth building formula and trading plan we use to invest our money. 4 step system, Trade, Reinvest, Accumulate, Manage